About Our City

The City of St. Croix Falls (SCF) endeavors to remain a unique, pristine river valley community, providing a safe, friendly environment for living, working and playing, through continued investment in the city’s future, while protecting our scenic character.

Part of this mission includes developing arts programming that enriches the local environment through creating art and arts-related events and activities for the public. The City’s Outdoor Recreational Plan (ORP) includes several arts-related goals that strive to support Wisconsin-based, regional and national artists to expand networks and enrich the community by collaborating with the City’s residents and artists. The City also has an Art, Culture, and Historic Overlay Zoning district to promote and encourage art and cultural venues and events downtown, enhance downtown's uniqueness as a destination for local residents, promote cultural tourism, and support economic development and reinvestment. 

SCF supports local arts with the Parks, Arts, and Trails Commission and its Arts Subcommittee. To achieve its long-term local arts programming goals, the City of St. Croix Falls is working on launching its public art program. Working with the Parks Arts and Trails Commission and Arts Subcommittee, they are researching, outlining, and developing a project proposal to establish a multi-year program that partners with artists and the community in growing the already vibrant local arts.